I am a corporate woman, an entrepreneur, model, blogger, brand promoter, dance & runway choreographer and a fashionista who believes that if you are passionate about your goals in life then you can achieve it. I robustly believe in working hard, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, balancing work life with other stress buster activities and understanding your inner beauty to reflect it on the outside. I like to stay busy for 16 hours in a day and always focus on getting a good return on every time investment. Who says that if you are a jack of all then master of none? Being a well-rounded personality benefits you in the long run and if you are focused towards achieving your goals, you can give justice to everything you do and be Jack of all and Master of all.

Meenal Drock


My vision is to inspire corporate woman to be able to fulfill their endeavors of being actively involved in other activities such as dance, modelling, cooking, traveling, sports and fitness workouts in spite of their busy work schedule. A lot of people tend to say that ‘I do not have time’ but the fact remains that you can never have time, you need to MAKE time.


To provide corporate woman guidance on how to balance their work life with fashion, travel, fitness and food. A corporate woman can be a fashionista as well and can create a healthy balance between work, fitness and fashion.